Creative agency ThoughtMatter’s 2023 holiday gift for clients, coworkers, and friends of the company. Work in partnership with ThoughtMatter, Ben Greengrass (Creative Director), Sam Barbagiovanni (Design Director), ad Olivia Kane (Senior Designer).

In 2022, ThoughtMatter chose the theme of light and shadow for their upcoming holiday gift. I worked closely with our creative operations manager to conceptualize, design, and bring the gift to life. From designing the candle itself to the individual pieces of collateral, to working with Nathalie and Laura Viruly of via wax to create a mold, to finding a riso printing partner, to Art Directing photo shoots, the project was a massive effort from a great team. The project later went on to win the Type Director’s Club award for typographic excellence, and the Communication Arts Award of excellence in the self promotion category.